Recording and sorting system
for Drysorting, Greensorting and Planing lines

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"Without a good functioning
support we will never get
satisfied customers

"We supply what our
customer requires"

Why Xylon?
Up to date technics
User friendly HMI interface
Nolyx take the overall responsability
Our support is our strongest trade mark
One supplier for machine control and sorting

Xylon includes among other things
Create package files for office system
Import of Run orders and Sort table
Communication with office system
Measuring of deceleration time
Input of article register
Production measuring
Handling of run order
Recipe handling
Report handling
Sort guarding

Measuring and Crosscutting
Wane measuring device
Thickness measuring
Module crosscutting
Convex measuring
Exact crosscutting
Length measuring
Width measuring
Free cosscutting
Trimmer control

Flexible handling of emptying
Possibility to merge small packages
Simple handling of editing
Handling for sort change
Automatic or manual

Automatic Package information

Package queue from Sorting
Information to the Stacker

Reference plants

Drysorting line
AS Laesti
Moelven Våler
Liareds Trävaror AB
Kharovsklesprom LCC
JSC Lesisibirsky LDK No.1

Greensorting line
AS Laesti
Barrus AS
Norrfog AB
Moelven Våler
AB Rundvirke
Bergs Timber AB
Myllyahon Saha OY
Holmen Linghem AB
Kharovsklesprom LCC
John Gordon & Sons Ltd

Green- and Drysorting line (Combi)
Swedspan Orla
Nørlund Træ A/S
JSC Red October
Karl Segerström AB

Planing line
TräTeam AB
Valbo Trä AB

Moelven Våler
Setra Skutskär
SCA Timber AB
Kuusisto Group
Moelven Valåsen
Brumund Sag AS
NWP Hissmofors
NWP Hammerdal
SCA Timber Supply
Rågsvedens Såg AB
M.H Southern & CO Ltd
Siljan Wood Products AB
Arbor Forest Products Waco
Arbor Forest Products Ledermac

Painting line
Västerdala Träkomponenter AB