Nolyx AB is an electro-technical company focusing on industrial automation.

We deliver complete system solutions for all types of industries.
In addition we provide consultancy services for electrical project work,
electrical construction, programming, operations and service.

Nolyx is not tied to one supplier. We review each project and choose the equipment
that is best suited to this project with regard to total economy and
operational functionality.

We have many reference clients where quality management and operational functionality
aspects where a key factor in the selection process

Nolyx is widely experienced in the total automation process from project planning to
both for the Nordic and European markets.

We provide total atomization solutions for production/ process driven industries.
Our knowledge base regarding computerized systems is second to none.

Our focus market is within process automation of the Wood & Paper industries.

Service and after sales service markets are also a priority for us.
We realize that our work is business critical and we are quick to provide both
sales and after sales service.